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Subject: family debt - part 11Appreciate the feedback I'm getting on the story, and all
the other contacts.Part Eleven1) At preteen lolita model taboo
Work.Cynthia had been Tom's secretary for over thirty years
before John had been moved in to take over the business
and she had started working for him instead. Her loyalty,
though, had always been to Tom, and she would have been
much more than a secretary to him had he ever shown any
interest in taking their relationship further. Now things
were changing again according to Tom's phone conversation
with her early this morning, and changing in a most
remarkable way.She looked once more through the photos that Tom had sent
her by e-mail, and a smile played across her lips. So the
little rat had been cheating on Tom, had he? And this was
his punishment, a punishment in which she would most
eagerly join. She picked out three of them, and lolitas preteens free samples set the
printer going for hard copies of them. nude preteens dark lolita
One of John
standing there in bra and panties. Another of him bent
over with his son's cock in his mouth and a dildo up his
arse. And the third of his wife, with all her airs and
graces, with her tongue up her sister's arsehole. In none
of the photos were anybody but John and Claire
recognisable. She knew the full story, because Tom had
told her all the details, but she saw the wisdom of an
edited version for what Tom had suggested.Taking the three A4-sized photos from the printer, she
left the offices and walked down the stairs to the
factory area. Some fifteen women worked down there, and
they were all having their pre-start cup of tea. They
gathered round her curiously as she began to pin the
photos on the notice board."Bloody hell, Cynth," one said, peering at them. "Is that
who I think it is?"She turned to the woman with a smile and just nodded."And what about the bird?" another asked. "That can't be
the oh so haughty Mrs Ames, can it? Who walks in here as
if her farts smell of lily of the valley?""One and the same," Cynthia told her. She leaned down and
finished in a stage whisper. "Mr Ames will be here soon,"
she said. "How about a sweep as to what colour he'll be
wearing underneath his suit."She left them laughing, and planning. Just what she
wanted.2) At home.Steve had run through all the photographs stored on the
computer. The posed ones of his father, and then the
secret ones of his mother, sister and aunt. It was the
ones of Dawn that he had spent most time studying, having
had no idea that they were there. One in particular, of
her standing naked in the bathroom and soaping herself
under the arm , had led him to stroke himself to the
point of no return and beyond. His cum had spattered
across his Dad's desk models lolitas 15 years as he had taken in every inch little lolitas panty models
her tight little body, think g all the time of her
fingers on his cock this morning, and he had left it
there to dry. What did it matter now?After that he had stripped off before starting to read
some of the conversation transcripts and mails, getting
some more pleasure at sitting at his Dad's desk in his
study stark naked as he read of his dark and dirty little
desires. He was looking forward to sharing his knowledge
of them with him when he came home later.Feeling restless and in need of something he couldn't
quite identify, he got up from the chair and wandered out
in the hall. First he went into his parent's bedroom, and
opened his mother's underwear drawer. He took out a
handful of his her panties, and rubbed them over his cock
before dropping them back into the drawer. He looked at
their bed and thought about wanking over their pillows,
but decided against using up another load of cum just
yet. Maybe later.He crossed to Dawn's room, and opened her underwear
drawer too. He was going to do the same as he had with
his Mum's, but then on an impulse he plucked out a black
thing and slipped it on. The tiny piece of material just
cupped his balls, the silky feel of it feeling good, with
his cock hanging over the top. So attired, he returned to
his Dad's computer. Sitting down, he searched out one of
his Dad's favourite chat rooms and logged himself in."Hi, Cockwhore," someone called Slutfucker typed as soon
as he appeared. "Going to give us all another cam show
today, you filthy little cunt?"Steve's fingers went to the keys. "Cockwhore is out," he
typed. "This is his son."3) At the gymn.There were two women already in the changing room when
the three of them entered, where Claire had been praying
there would be none. One of them, a woman about her own
age, she knew vaguely, but the other much younger woman
was a stranger to her. Not to Samantha, though, and it
was no accident that she was there right then."Hello, Kay," Samantha greeted her warmly. "I don't think
you've met my sister, Claire, have you? And this is my
niece Dawn.""And what a pretty little thing, she is," Kay said,
coming over."Oh. She is," Samantha agreed, before turning to her
sister. "Shouldn't you be getting undressed, Claire?" she
asked. "You did say you wanted a good long session
today."Claire usually changed in a way that revealed as little
as possible of her body to other women in the changing
room, but Samantha had given her strict instructions
before they entered. Conscious of the three of them
watching her closely, and sensing the woman behind her,
she pulled off her top and laid it aside. Then she
stood, hands down by her side.Kay laid a hand familiarly on Dawn's shoulder as she
looked the half-naked Claire up and down. "Not bad for
her age your Mum, is she, Dawn?" she said."Not bad," agreed Dawn with a small smile.
Samantha gave Claire a small nod, and she quickly
stripped off he her tgp bbs loli info trousers and placed them on the
bench. She stood up straight, hearing a gasp behind her.
And laughter from Kay in front."Cum whore," Kay read out. "Your Mum is full of
surprises, Dawn. Who would have thought."The woman behind made a loud noise of disgust before
finishing packing her sports bag and leaving with a cold
look towards Claire as she left."That's one bridge party invitation you'll not be getting
again, sis," Samantha said with a chuckle. "And how the
story will spread!" She took a leotard out of her own
bag and passed it across, and then took out another and
changed into it while Claire squeezed herself into the
borrowed one."All ready," Samantha said, looking her sister up and
down. The leotard was pink and far too small for Claire.
Behind it snagged up her crack, leaving her arse cheeks
bare and in front could not manage to contain quite all
of her pubic hair. Her breasts bulged out of at the top
and sides, and across her nipples it was so tightly
stretched that it was almost transparent. Samantha was
amused to see that those nipples were also prominently
erect. "Let's go get fit," she said, satisfied. "Kay and
Dawn can get changed and join us a bit later. It'll be an
opportunity got them to get to know each other."Claire looked at her daughter, who was looking a little
less sure of herself now, and almost smiled herself. It
would serve the little brat right if she got in deeper
than she could manage. She nodded at Samantha, and then
followed her out into the gymn area.

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